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This page has all our current Teachers’ Notes and Students’ Worksheets needed for your visit to Hall Place. Once your booking has been confirmed by one of the Education Team you will need to download the Booking Pack and then the other resources for the session(s) you have booked.


Click on the links below to download the resources for each session:

The Tudors

Students’ On-site Activity Sheet: Tudor Trail
Tudor Trail Answers
Tudor Trail Support Notes

The Victorians

Teachers’ Notes: Home Life in Victorian Britain (Washday)
Students’ On-site Activity Sheet – KS1
Students’ On-site Activity Sheet: Wordsearch – KS2
Students’ On-site Activity Sheet – KS2
Teachers’ Notes: Toys and Games
Teachers’ Notes: Seaside Then and Now
Teachers’ Notes: Victorian Drama

World War II

Teachers’ Notes: WWII Day Bexley at War
Students’ On-site Activity Sheet: Secret Messages

 Environmental Education

Teachers’ Notes: How Does Your Garden Grow
Teacher/Group Leader: Treemendous Tree Trail
Teachers’ Notes: How Does Your Garden Grow
Teacher/Group Leader: Treemendous Tree Trail


Teachers’ Notes: Storytelling with Champney’s Bears
Teachers’ Notes: Mystery Writing
Students’ On-site Activity Sheet: Mystery Writing

 Discovering the Stone Age

Teachers’ Notes (with trail answers)
Students’ On-site Activity Sheet: The Stone Age Trail
Students’ On-site Activity Sheet: Become a Stone Age Tracker Trail 

Mr Newman’s Beautiful Butterflies

Mr-Newman-butterlfyStudent On-site Activity Sheet – KS1 years 1-2
Student On-site Activity Sheet – KS2 years 3-4
Student On-site Activity Sheet – KS2 years 5-6
Teacher On-site Activity Sheet answers
Symmetry sheet
Student Butterfly sheets

 Bexley: The Slavery Connection

These Teachers’ Resource Notes have been developed by the Hall Place & Gardens Education Team. The notes are in two parts; a history of Bexley’s connections with the Transatlantic Slave Trade and a set of teaching activities that uses images and resources from the Bexley Museum Collection and the Bexley Local Studies and Archives Centre. As all the activities are image based they can be used with a wide range of age groups and abilities.

The Transatlantic Slave Trade can be an intimidating subject to teach. Where do you start? This is where the Teachers’ Resource Notes play a large part as it highlights the local, familiar and relevant in order to discuss a huge international subject. These very visual resource notes give a grounded outline of the basic concepts and history of the Transatlantic Slave Trade as we know it from surviving evidence. This basic knowledge can be used to discuss the bigger picture and global aspects of the trade before returning to the local connections again. There is no denying that the subject of the Transatlantic Slave Trade can be controversial and emotional to many people. Discussing a vast international and culturally sensitive subject can make people feel uncomfortable, and this pack will assist you, as a teacher, to remain neutral.

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All of the resources for Bexley: The Slavery Connection can be downloaded below:

Teacher’s Resource Pack
Section 1: What does the word Slavery mean?
Section 2: What was the Transatlantic Slave Trade?
Section 3: What was Africa like before the Transatlantic Slave Trade?

Please note the Sections 4 and 5 use images already downloaded with Sections 1-3. See Teacher’s Resource Pack for details.

Section 6: Sir John Boyd
Section 7: Erith Port
Section 8: Bance Island
Section 9: Abolition