tescoTesco Supermarket have given Hall Place a grant of £12,000 to create a new Community Herb and Wildlife Garden. The money has been raised through Tesco’s Bags of Help scheme and work will begin on the new garden in early 2017.

The new Community Herb and Wildlife Garden will include plants and herbs that have been grown throughout history for their practical uses. Visitors will be able to see soapwort, used to make soap, lemon balm, used to soothe digestive problems and woad, used to dye fabric a vivid blue colour.   

bee-1-courseEstates Manager Tony Nield said; ‘Our new garden will be a great educational resource for school groups and families.’

The garden will also include plants that support our local wildlife, such as butterflies, bees and small mammals.

Thank you to all of the Tesco shoppers who voted in store for us to receive this grant.   


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