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Mini City special exhibition

5 – 25 January 2019

A tiny town where kids can role play!

A playful exhibition designed especially for children. Includes 7 ‘themed areas’ adapted to a child’s size – Hair Dressers, Flower Shop, Supermarket, Theatre,  Building Site, Doctor’s Surgery & Police Station. Your kids will love using all the props and dressing up. 

£3 adults, £5 children (18 months to 16 years old)

Please see below for more information, terms, conditions and health & safety advice.


Where will Mini City be held?

The event is being held in our Great Hall and Tudor Kitchen in the main historic house.

How do I get a ticket?

Tickets will be available for sale on the day of your visit in the main house reception.

Can I buy tickets in advance?

We will be selling gift vouchers for those wishing to offer this experience as a gift; however your gift voucher must be validated at reception on arrival. This will not   pre-book your attendance or fast track your visit.

Please turn up on your chosen day and present your voucher to reception.

How will you know I have purchased a ticket?

You will be given your receipt that you must keep with you and present to a member of staff before entering the exhibition. This is only valid on day of purchase.

Are there a maximum number of visitors at any one time?

Yes, due to health & safety we will need, at busy times, to restrict the numbers in the exhibition at any one time. We will manage this as best we can, but it is inevitable there will be times busier than others. In the event that you do have to wait to access the event, we will keep you as informed as possible and up to date of waiting times when you arrive.

How long will I need?

You are welcome to spend as long as you want in the exhibition (this may differ in peak times), but we would imagine that approx. 60-90 minutes would be required in the exhibition space.

Please allow some time to queue in peak periods. Please also ensure you allow some time to visit the Mini City shop which will be located near the exhibition and time to visit the cafe in the Visitor Centre.

What time is the exhibition open?

It will be open 10-5pm Monday to Sunday, last admission will be 30 minutes before closing time.

Can I re-enter the exhibition once I’ve left?

Your receipt is a day pass which means you can re-enter the exhibition on the same day that you purchased it. You will get your hand stamped if you wish to leave the exhibition and re-enter. This does not give you fast-track re-entry, you will need to join any existing queues. You must keep your receipt safe and with you at all times. If your hand has not been stamped, you will not be allowed to re-enter.

What will I see in the exhibition?

Mini City is a playful and educational exhibition designed especially for children. It    includes 7 ‘themed areas’ adapted to a child’s size – The Hair Salon, The Flower Shop, The Supermarket, The Theatre, The Building Site, The Doctors Surgery and The Police Station. Each area is fully interactive with multiple props and supports creativity and life learning through role play.

Can I leave my children?

No, all children must be accompanied by an adult and closely supervised at all times due to the nature of the exhibition and all its interactive elements.

Can I bring a buggy?

There will be a buggy park outside the exhibition space as there is not room inside the exhibitor itself. Car seats and baby carriers are permitted.

What age is this exhibition suitable for?

We believe this exhibition will be best suited to young families, children from walking age to 7 years old (however it is at your discretion, you know your child best).

Can I take photographs?

Yes you can take photographs of your own children, but please be aware that other children will be in the space and respect their privacy.

Can I take food & drink into the exhibition?

No you cannot take food or drink into the exhibition, this includes chewing gum. This is due to health & safety in the exhibition safeguarding children with severe food allergies.

If you require refreshments please consume them outside or make use of our cafe. Remember you can always re-enter the exhibition on the same day.

Is the exhibition wheelchair friendly?

Yes, it is, we have tried to make the exhibition as wheelchair friendly as possible.

Creating a safe place for everyone

In order to make this exhibition a safe and fun experience for everyone, please note the following:

  • We welcome adults interacting with their children, but would respectfully remind them that the equipment is designed for children so please be mindful of this when playing. Adults, please do not climb or sit on equipment specifically designed for children. Chairs will be provided outside each themed area for adults to sit on whilst supervising
  • In the event of an accident, please report to a member of staff immediately so they can call a first aider
  • Please ensure that when you leave Mini City, you leave all the objects behind for other children to enjoy
  • Please make sure you take all your own personal belongings with you when you leave. We cannot be held responsible for loss or damage of personal property during your visit
  • Children who are feeling unwell or have been unwell should not visit the exhibition for at least 48 hours in order to prevent the spread of germs
  • Bullying, abusive language or unreasonable behaviour will NOT be tolerated! Those involved will be asked to leave and not allowed a refund or re-entry