Historic House

Hall Place is a Grade I listed country house built in 1537. A rare example of its type, many of the original features remain today. These include the distinctive checkerboard style of masonry crafted from flint and rubble, the beautiful 17th century redbrick courtyard and the spectacular plaster ceiling in the Great Chamber added around the same time.

You can visit the gardens for free. Entrance to the historic house is available by booking onto one of our House Tours. On the House Tour you will have the opportunity to explore all of these fascinating parts of the building along with the Tudor/Stuart Discovery Gallery, where you can learn more about the first two major families to have lived and shaped Hall Place.

Alongside the grandeur of the Great Hall, Tudor Kitchen, Great Chamber and Hallway, you will explore and learn more about how the many different occupants lived in these spaces, there are also three permanent displays shown below.

Codename Santa Fe: The Secret Wartime History of Hall Place

Codename Santa Fe: The Secret Wartime History of Hall Place explores how American soldiers stationed at Hall Place – code name Santa Fe – who were part of Operation Ultra which intercepted and decoded enemy communications. Those stationed at Hall Place intercepted encoded messages sent by the Germans and sent them on to Bletchley Park to be decoded. GI veterans’ memories and declassified files reveal the importance of their round-the-clock, top-secret work, which helped defeat, the Nazis.

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Tudor/Stuart Discovery Gallery

The Discovery Gallery is filled with hands-on interactive displays to try out. Discover what life was like on the Hall Place estate nearly 500 years ago, and the Champneys & Austen families who lived here and shaped the house. Complete puzzles, dressing up, board games, brass rubbing and much more. Access to this exhibition is part of the House Tour.