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Learning Resources

Welcome to our Learning @ Home resource page.

Here you will find a series of resources that you can use to learn from home grouped in themes. You can either download them or print them off. If you don’t have a printed, don’t worry, just use a pencil and paper to work on.

We will be adding more resources in the next few weeks, so please check in every week to see what’s new.


    World War II

      Discovering the Stone Age

        The Victorians

          Bexley: The Slavery Connection

          These Teachers’ Resource Notes offer a history of Bexley’s connections with the Transatlantic Slave Trade and a set of teaching activities using the Bexley Museum and Archive Collections. We also have a loans box to support this subject in the classroom. Both offer advice on teaching this emotive area of history.

          Please note the Sections 4 and 5 use images already downloaded with Sections 1-3. See Teacher’s Resource Pack for details.


          I-Spy TREES

          • Download or print off this simple I-Spy TREES activity. Keep an eye out for the trees on your daily walk, either one tree at a time, or all together. Suitable for all age ranges.


                Story Writing

                • Use this activity sheet to make your story writing even better. Base your story in your own home or Hall Place.

                • Hall Place image tour – use these images to help base your story at Hall Place