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Secondary Learning Resources

Welcome to our Learning @ Home Secondary resource page.

Here you will find a series of resources that you can use to learn from home to support your studies. You can either download them or print them off depending on the activity. If you don’t have a printer, don’t worry, just use a pencil and paper to work on instead.

We will be adding more resources, so please check regularly to see what’s new.

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Tell Me A Story

Story writing activity

Tell Me A Story pdf – use this activity sheet to make your story writing even better.

You can either use Hall Place as a location or base your story in your own home or anywhere, just follow the top tips on this activity sheet. Don’t worry if you can’t print it out, just use a separate piece of paper.

If you want to set your story at Hall Place, you can use this Photo Tour to inspire you.

What sort of story do you want to write? Spy thriller? Ghost? Comedy? Romance? It can be whatever you want? Write your story as if you are telling it to someone who cannot see – describe everything (it doesnt have to be in detail)? Get someone to read it through for you. Ask them if they can picture your story in their mind, just like a film on television. If they can, you have done a fabulous job!