16 September 2017 – 18 March 2018

The Last Curtsey: Etiquette and elocution, the life of a Debutante

From the mid 19th century young ladies of upper class wealthy families were presented at the Royal Court. Their ‘debut’ into society heralded their entrance into the adult world and search for a suitable husband. Lord Byron amusingly referred to these court presentations as ‘marriage markets’. Young ladies were whisked through endless rounds of parties, afternoon teas, balls, regattas and other social occasions – all referred to as ‘The Season’. This long standing tradition changed in 1958 when the Queen stopped court presentations, leading to a slow demise and change for the world of a Debutante.

In this exhibition discover the reality behind the glittering parties and beautiful ball gowns and uncover more about this English tradition. What did it take to make a good Debutante, and did everyone live up to the standard?

  • The exhibition is free with an entry ticket to the house
  • No need to book in advance
  • If you need special assistance please let us know before visiting on 01322 526574
  • Children must be accompanied at all times



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