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16th February 2023

Ranger Stu Animal Show -2:30pm session available

11am – SOLD OUT!

1pm – SOLD OUT!

2:30pm – SOLD OUT!

Each sessions last 1 hour

£12 per child (includes 1 accompanying adult. Additional adults £12)

Join Ranger Stu for a fun, educational and interactive animal show where children will learn about and interact with a selection of animals. The amazing animals include: an owl, tarantula, tortoise, lizard, snake, armadillo and tenrec. A great experience for children & adults alike. Come and join the fun. Meet in the Visitor Centre. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Location: Education Room located in the Visitor Centre

Who would like this: Family groups with children aged 5-12 years.  Ticket holders only, unfortunately we are unable to accommodate buggies and younger siblings due to the nature of the session. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times (first adult free, additional adults £12. Those with an interest in animals – also good for inspiring an interest in animals and nature.

What does it involve?: A fun and interactive talk delivered by Ranger Stu

  • We are afraid snacks and drinks aren’t allowed during the session
  • Please stay with your children at all times and closely supervise them
  • Be aware of any safety signage, advice and instructions from staff/session leader
  • Many of the animals eat foods which contain nuts and seeds as well as vegetables and fruit. Please contact us if you suffer from severe air-born allergies before booking as unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a complete allergen free environment
  • We will provide anti-bac gel for everyone (including staff) to wash their hands in before the session begins, please let us know on the day if this may cause a problem
  • Please don’t put your hands near your faces or in your mouths until you have washed them properly
  • You will be asked not to touch the animals unless otherwise stated. The animals prefer those they think of as safe, who are still and quiet
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water afterwards
  • Please note that animals may nip if you do not follow the guidelines given by staff

Booked online: Please bring your ticket email QR code either on a phone or printed out to the reception for a staff member to scan. You can buy on the day as well if tickets are available, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Accessibility & Facilities: This event is held in the Education Room in the Visitor Centre. There is a café and toilets in the Visitor Centre including disabled toilet and baby change. Please follow this link for information on mobility access https://hallplace.org.uk/accessibility/  Please let us know if you are booking a ticket for someone using a wheelchair so that we can advise you which sessions have wheelchair friendly spaces left . This session can get very busy and loud. If you wish to book a large group or SENs group, please contact us to see if we can accommodate you .

Ticket information:

  • Tickets must be booked in advance.

  • For all activities and events children must be accompanied by adults.

  • If you need special assistance please let us know in advance by phoning 0203 045 4088 to speak to a member of staff.