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An exhibition of Japanese Paintings by Mako Tamura. The paintings are all drawn with Japanese traditional pigments collected from natural materials such as seashells, stones and animal’s bone. Nature is the backbone of Japanese culture.

Mr. Mokichi Okada, Japanese philosopher, said “People who visit Japan have the highest praise for its scenic beauty, which is unmatched by any other country in the world”.

Mako Tamura has heard that such dramatic seasonal changes are not found in any other place. In such a unique environment, she always look at the nature around her and tries to discover “beautiful things” in her daily life, to gently scoop up its beauty and carefully place it on a piece of paper…. ‘I make my drawings with that feeling. I believe this exhibition will leave you feeling refreshed and soothed with some Japanese taste.’

Come and see these stunning artworks in our Stables Gallery.

Located in the Stables Gallery, open 10am – 5pm every day. Free entry