Our Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence: Laura Ellen Bacon

 Laura Ellen Bacon‘s sculpture Course is a large work, made from 20 bundles of 6ft Somerset willow, which appears to meander from the formal landscape of Hall Place into the waters of the River Cray below. Laura Ellen Bacon was Hall Place’s first artist in residence,  the work was made during her residency in August 2015 and can still be seen.

Course by Laura Ellen Bacon

As Laura Ellen Bacon says: ‘Course is deeply curvaceous work, at once being peaceful yet uncanny, having a quiet, seeping stillness but also a momentum that seems to be guiding its weight towards the clear depths below. The ‘carved’ channel within the work carries an abstract notion of the weight of the water on a journey that we can only witness a small part of.’ The River Cray, a chalk stream, into which the woven work descends, is one of 200 chalk streams in the world (the majority of which are in the UK). This residency was in collaboration with WWF-UK and stemmed from Hall Place’s summer exhibition Watershed: Art, play and the politics of water.

Photography by Steve Hickey


2016 Artist in Residence: Susan Stockwell

Artist Susan Stockwell’s latest piece, “Trade Winds”, opened on 29 October 2016 and ran until March 2017 at Hall Place & Gardens.

A flotilla of boats made from paper currency sat on a sea of coins. “Trade Winds” references the Tudor house’s first resident, Sir John Champneys.

Former Lord Mayor of London, Champneys was a successful merchant who traded internationally in skins, iron and woad dye among other goods. On show alongside “Trade Winds” was a display of money from Hall Place & Gardens collection.

“Trade Winds” was funded by the Art Fund with support from The Headley Trust through Treasure Plus.