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Come and meet the animals: the cute and cuddly, the feathered, the prickly, and the crawly. Feed the rabbits, guinea pigs and chicks, watch the meerkats get up to mischief and make friends with baby pigmy hedgehogs. Stroke a snake, sit with a lizard, marvel at the tiny cute mice. Get close up and personal as we aim to give you an animal encounter with a difference.

Animal Magic will be with us from Monday 30 July to Friday 3 August. You can book your tickets for 10am, 11.30am or 2pm sessions. Sessions last one hour.

A great experience for children and adults alike. £6 children and £4 adults. All children must be accompanied by and adult.

Come and join the fun.

Please note – Animal species may vary.

Please book for this event well in advance as you are more likely to get through via the telephone. Our booking line gets clogged up with last minute calls the week before and week during this event.


Animal Magic

We are often asked what age range Animal Magic is suitable for, we don’t really have one but if you’re thinking about bringing your little ones, here’s some information to take into account.

Small children

  • We will have a buggy park available because there is limited space within the petting zoo
  • If you would like your child to leave their buggy and interact with the animals, then you will need to purchase them a ticket. Unfortunately, small children cannot crawl or toddle around during the initial ‘show and tell’ element of the session for health and safety reasons
  • Government advice for children under 5 years old, those with a low immune system and pregnant women is to look but not handle reptiles, also for health and safety reasons. Those who choose to touch do so at their own risk

During the initial 20 minute ‘show and tell’ part of the session

  • You’ll all need to remain seated. Wandering children (however young) may put themselves and the animals at risk
  • You also need to be able to hear the safety instructions that are given out throughout the session
  • You will be asked not to touch the animals unless otherwise stated. The animals usually approach those they think of as safe, who are still and quiet
  • We will provide anti-bac gel for everyone (including staff) to wash their hands in before the session begins
  • I’m afraid snacks aren’t allowed during the session – the animals will ‘mug’ you for them!
  • If you come as part of a group, please arrive early to help ensure you sit together

These rules are for health and safety reasons because there will be live animals wandering freely around, coming close to you and can be unpredictable.

During the entire session

  • Please stay with your children at all times and closely supervise them
  • All children must be accompanied by and adult. For health and safety reasons we ask for an adult to child ratio of one adult to no more than 2 children please
  • Be aware of any safety signage
  • Please don’t put your hands near your faces or in their mouths until you have washed them
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water afterwards – ‘anti-bac’ gel is not enough alone

Ticket information:

  • To book tickets call Hall Place and Gardens booking line on 01322 621238. Lines are open every day from 10am to 4.30pm
  • All tickets should be booked in advance, unless otherwise stated
  • For all activities and events children must be accompanied by adults
  • If you need special assistance please let us know when booking
  • Hall Place does not offer refunds on ticket sales. We operate a policy of unallocated seating for our events. If you need special assistance during our events please let us know when booking